We are the planting of the Lord

We are the planting of the Lord

As the Sabbatical Year (Shmita) counts down to its end, Israeli farmers are getting ready to plant their first fruits.

Since farmers could not plant during Shmita, they will plant DOUBLE this year…

Double the Planting – Double the Blessing!
(From ‘United with Israel’)

I read this yesterday and it remained with me all day. The Holy Spirit started to reveal to me the spiritual significance of this new year and the words ‘you are the planting of the Lord’ (Isaiah 61:3) played over and over in my mind.
As I pondered over this I began to realize that our God wants us to be doubly planted in this new year, doubly flowing in the gifts, doubly anointed, doubly blessed.
I believe that during this next year we will experience a double portion of everything God has for us if we remain planted in Him, deeply rooted in His word and presence.
This is not a place of ‘working to get closer to God’ but rather a place of surrender and rest.
He is not calling us to try and plant ourselves, but rather to abandon ourselves into His love and grace and allow him to plant us to His glory
This will be a place of peace that surpasses all understanding, a place where the storms of life will not be able to move us.

Much love



About the author: Chrissy Buchweitz